The insurance industry is embracing new ideas and technologies to find solutions to its biggest challenges

Today, a new generation of insurance executives is reimagining how the insurance industry works, how it can best serve people, and how next generation technology can transform it. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs in various stages of progress across a wide range of geographies and lines of business to help the insurance companies improve their risk selection, risk pricing, policy administration, and claims operations workflows.

We partner with industry incumbents to invest in the future of insurance

We work closely with the companies that invest in our funds, enabling us to identify market trends and industry pain points that help us make informed investment decisions that deliver financial and strategic returns. We invest in companies that are positioned to solve big problems and we seek to build meaningful relationships between those companies and our insurance industry partners for mutually beneficial outcomes.

We recognize that diversity is critical to driving change

It’s not about who you are or where you’re from, it’s about how good your ideas are. We are always searching for start-ups that offer new perspectives and fresh ideas to help innovate the insurance industry.




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